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Heat Pump Services

Heat pump is an integral part of HVAC services. The Heat pump is a device that uses a compressible refrigerant to transfer heat from one body and place it to another and can be used for both space heating and cooling. This technology has been used in around the world for decades. Whether you need heating in winter or cooling and dehumidifying in summer, heat pump can provide year-round climate control and operate with extreme efficient results and lower monthly cost.

Conejo Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is proudly serving in the areas of Southern California for more than 38 years with comprehensive heat pump services. When you notice something wrong related to the heat pump and you are planning to repair, install a new one or replace your current heat pump, our service is just one step away from you. Call us at (805) 499-0448 and our experienced staff will be there for you to sort out your entire concerned problem.

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Whether it is day or night, we tirelessly and happily serving our customers 24*7. We offer quick, honest and reliable 24-hour emergency heating services, if required and all Heat Pump services nearest to your location with a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.

Heat Pump Installation in Southern California

When you are planning to install a new heat pump in your home, there are many points you should keep in your mind. First of all, size of the heat pump should be proper and concise. It will go over all the features you need so that you can take all the facilities of its cooling and heating capabilities. Installing a Heat pump is a big job so don’t try to install it yourself. It is better to call technician help. Trust our heating installation services and our HVAC experts will install the heat pump with the help of proper tools and other accessories. Mechanically, there are two types of pumps; compression heat pump and absorption heat pump. Compression heat pumps work on mechanical energy whereas absorption heat pumps also run on electricity or burnable fuels. Well, there are few guidelines should be taken care of while installing a new Heat Pump,

  • In houses, where are natural gas, wood furnace, the heat pump should be installed on the warm side of the furnace.
  • Refrigerant lines should be short and straight as per requirement.
  • It is necessary to locate the heat pump outside the drip line of the house.
  • Compressor and fans make noise. It is important to set the unit away from windows and buildings near you.
  • The outdoor unit should be placed in the open so that outdoor air is not passing through the coil.

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Heat Pump Replacement

Heat plays a very important role to keep your home cozy and comfortable. If the heat pump is not able to keep your home comfortable and is not heating/cooling the house anymore so it is very important to replace it as soon as possible. In this case, our heat pump services are the best option for you in Southern California area. Our team will give you the best option for you which suits your pocket.
When I need a heat pump replacement
There are few signs we are discussing here, when you need a heat pump replacement

  • Your electricity bills are arising anonymously and you are unaware the reason behind it.
  • Your system is making odd noises and the heat pump is the reason behind it.
  • When the device needs a continuous repair service and you are tired of it.
  • If your heat pump takes too much time to cool/heat the home.
  • When you are noticing the above or other signs you should take it as motivators and it is better to replace the heat pump.

Heat Pump Repair Near Me

When you have your elders and children in the home, it is your duty that you provide them healthy and comfortable environment. It is heat pump that helps HVAC systems to keep your home relaxing and restful. But when you get to know that heat pump is not working as it should be and causing problems. It can definitely cause a worry for a homeowner. And you have not enough time to get the problem right so you don’t need to worry about the situation. Make a call to us and leave the entire situation on the best heating repair services in Southern California. Our trained and experienced staff will reach up to you in very less time and will look out the problem very well. After sorting out the problem, they will provide you all the information and charges which are reasonable.

When I need heat pump repair
When your heat pump stops working, it’s a sign that your heat pump needs a repair. There are some indicators you must keep in mind.

When there is a problem in the compressor or it is frozen in chilled weather. It is better to call the service expert and get the problem set.

Temperature is fluctuating
When you notice the temperature is fluctuating continuously, it can be a cause of worry for you.

The air pressure is too low
When you turn on the system but it is unable to take the pressure, so most possibly there is a huge problem occurring in the system and you need to call an expert service.

The increasing cost
When the increasing energy bills give you the headaches even you are not using it more than usual.

Odd smells and sounds
After turning on the system you feel some odd smells or sounds are coming out, it needs a checkout.

Heat Pump Maintenance Services

A Heat pump requires a little maintenance on your part. Necessary maintenance should be carried out by a proficient heating maintenance service provider who will look over the device in six months or one year. In this case, trust the best HVAC company, Conejo Valley Heating and Air Consitioning Inc. service. There are few things which should be maintained properly.

  • A dirty filter, coil or fan can condense airflow all the way through the system and it can lead to compressor break.
  • The fan should be cleaned to ensure that it provides the proper airflow and fan speed should be checked at the same time.
  • Ensure that vents and registers are not blocked by anything that can block air flow.
  • Ductwork should be inspected and cleaned to ensure that airflow is not restricted by loose insulation, build up of dust.

Heat Pump Systems

In the heating system, outer coil takes heat from the cold air and creates a vapour. This heated vapour blow through the air ducts. There are different types of heat pump systems :

Air source Heat Pump system

The Air source heat pump system is the most common type of heat pumps. These pumps transfer heat between the home and outdoors. It also works as dehumidifies when it cools the air. But it has a big disadvantage. In extreme winter temperature, its coil can freeze so it is inefficient in some way.

Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless mini split system heat pumps make good add-ons to home with the non-ducted heating system. It requires only a small space conditioning system. Ductless system is very easy to install than others. Its main disadvantage is its flexibility for zoning or cooling and heating individual room. The number of indoor air handling units depends on how much heating or cooling is needed for residential purpose or buildings.

Geothermal Heat Pump

A geothermal heat pump uses the water or ground for a heat source in place of air. It is very expensive to install but geo-thermal heat pumps are very beneficial due to its stable temperatures of ground and water. They can also work in extremely cold weather efficiently.

Absorption Heat Pump

Absorption heat pumps work with the help of natural gas, solar-heated water. It is also known as gas-fired heat pumps. Absorption cools itself on the same principle. These are not reversible and cannot work as a heat source. In it, the evaporated ammonia is not pumped up under pressure in a compressor but is instead absorbed into the water. Its efficiency of air source absorption and the heat pump is indicated by their coefficient by their coefficient of performance.

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Common Heat Pump Problems Repair throughout Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County

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There are few common problems you should aware about the faulty heat pump. Some of the issues require professional attention for heat pump service

Heat pump fails to turn on

If your heat pump fails to turn on so it is possible that there is a serious problem with the thermostat or maybe your unit receiving power. Firstly, you need to check main electrical panel and other sub-panel that would supply power to the unit. The circuit breaker could have tripped and it needs to be reset. It is also important to check for any broken wire around the unit. And you are not reaching to the problem. It is the best time to contact a professional expert.

Heat pump has insufficient heat production

If your air ducts get blocked, inadequate heat is produced. Improper heat may be caused from the duct in the air filters. Low thermostat settings or poor refrigerant.

Heat pump makes odd sounds

Odd sounds coming out from heat pump create a lot of irritation for people. It indicates a serious problem in the heat pump. Call the professional to sort it out. Either it will be correct or replaced.

Heat pump is not cooling

The functioning of the heat pump is depending on the amount of refrigerant gets low, it can be failed. You need an experienced professional to add refrigerant. Only they can handle it properly.

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