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Emergency HVAC Repair

HVAC units play a very important role in our homes as well as the office. The whole year, we see many changes in weather and HVAC works accordingly so we can say it’s a midrib of our electrical system we use daily in our lives. When you notice any problem in HVAC, it disturbs your daily life completely. At that moment, don’t give it another thought and trust Conejo Valley Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. for Emergency HVAC Repair for our Ventura County communities that will arrive on time and with the right tools for the job. We are the most trusted and reliable HVAC company proudly serving Conejo Valley, Ventura, Simi Valley areas in Ventura County, and adjacent areas for more than 40 years providing range of emergency heating and cooling services, including:

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24-Hour Heating and Air Conditioner Repair & Services

HVAC systems follow no time schedule to stop functioning effectively. Just like any other product emergency, a problem in your heating and cooling systems can occur at any time. Here when you need to find a professional HVAC contractor that can provide you round the clock emergency services. Our company is providing fast, honest and reliable 24-hour heating and air conditioner repair to the customers. Whether it’s a day or night, we are here to help you in any manner we can relate to your HVAC problem. Your inconvenience is hardly a guest at your home until the highly trained and skilled staff of our company reach up to you. Whatever the problem is, our HVAC technicians will resolve the issue within no time after analyzing the problem and the repair charges do not put an extra burden in your pocket. We charge a very minimal rate for high-class service. Prime motto of our company is the satisfaction of the customers.

Our HVAC experts specialize in air conditioning services and repair, and have years of expertise in Heater or Furnace Repair Services. Schedule your appointment today! We will be there to provide you 24*7 HVAC services of all make and models for Heating systems, furnaces, central air conditioners, ductless mini splits, heat pumps, more!

What does Our Emeregency HVAC Repair & Services include?

We provide a quick and complete range of emergency HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services and repair that includes:

Besides this, there are other HVAC services as well which you can choose according to your requirement like emergency thermostat repair and replacement, humidifiers, boiler, or other HVAC repair services, maintenance, replacement and installation services in all the Conejo Valley and the surrounding areas. Schedule your Heating & Cooling Repair Services appointment online today!

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Choose Conejo Valley Heating and Air, Your Emergency HVAC Repair Contractor in Conejo Valley

You are planning a family get-together in your home or you have an urgent meeting in your office and suddenly the HVAC unit broke down. Only this reason is enough to create chaos and inconvenience for people. Just have faith and call us. Our trained staff will detect the problem and resolve it as soon as possible. From 1979, Conejo valley service is providing one of the finest HVAC repair and services throughout southern California. Our trained and experienced staff of emergency HVAC repair and many other services we offer.

There are many other competitors but why should we call Conejo Valley? Well, the answer is here :

  • We are one of the best and Trustworthy HVAC company
  • We offer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week reliable service
  • No overtime charges on nights, weekends or holidays
  • Our highly trained and skilled technicians are just a call away at your service
  • We provide high quality service at minimal cost
  • Best Residential and Commercial emergency HVAC services for air conditioning, furnace, other heating system, ventilating & air conditioning equipments

Comprehensive Emergency HVAC Service throughout Ventura County and adjacent areas

24-Hour Residential HVAC Services

As time passes by, there have been many changes in the home. Gone are the days when we used our home just for having food and take asleep. Now many people work from home or many do their office work from home and having a malfunction with a heating or cooling system adds extra stress apart from your another workload.

Cotact Conejo Valley Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for your Heating and Furnace Repair today – We Guarantee your satisfaction! Click Here

24-Hour Commercial HVAC Services

Being the owner of a commercial home, if you, your employees and clients are feeling happy and convenient due to perfect HVAC services, you are a perfect business person. But problems do come off and on. But in the case of commercial sites such as offices, hotels or restaurants, you cannot afford such risks, so trust Conejo Valley Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Commercial HVAC services and overcome the problem as soon as possible. Our trained technicians are smart enough in fixing the HVAC issues from defective motors, fans, and ductwork and solving at the earliest possible due to our 24 hours emergency services at the minimal cost.

When to call for Emergency HVAC Repair

Some of the regular cause considers to a breakdown in your cooling and heating system when you may need to call for emergency HVAC services:

Not enough refrigerant When your a/c unit has very little refrigerant so it’s very tough to cool and will get overheat.

Dirty condenser coils If condenser coils are not working properly then probably, they are covered with dirt and dirt will not let the condenser release the heat. It also can have a breakdown due to overheating.

Dirty air filter The work of air filter is to protect your a/c unit if it’s dirty it will interrupt air flow and will lead to overheating of the unit.

Thermostat As the time passes by, thermostat loses the ability to read the room temperature.

Fuses and pressure If the pressure in the system is increasing or a fuse burns out, it can lead to a breakdown in the heater.

Blocked pipes When the pipes of your heating system are not regularly checked up, that stores the dirt and debris, the flow of warm air can be disrupted causing the heating system to run non-stop and eventually burn out.

Signs of Emergency Heating Repair and Services

These are the signs when you need emergency heating and Furnace Repair

Heater blows cold air

Normally, when we turn on the heater, we immediately feel the warm air, however, if you turn on your heater and cold air comes out. It means there is a serious problem with your heating system. It’s best to consult emergency HVAC services to sort out the problem.

Nothing happens when you turn your heater on

The Even more stressful condition is that when you switch on the heater and having nothing happens at all. While this condition is very rare, even after adjusting the thermostat is a serious issue, it means a large problem is there in the inner working of your heating system.

There are strange noises coming from your system

We are familiar with the sound of your heater kicking on, indicating that our system is working correctly, however when you notice some odd noises coming out from your heating system. It is the indication of a serious problem. In the case of emergency call Conejo Valley emergency HVAC services.

Signs of Emergency Air Conditioning Repair and Services

These are the signs when you need emergency Air conditioning Repair

If your ac won’t turn on

When you switch on the unit and it is not turning on. It needs an immediate repair.

Hot air is coming out

Your house gets hot even though the thermostat is showing something else.

Increase in your energy costs

When you are noticing a big increase in your energy costs it can become a big reason to worry.

Odd smell comes out

When you notice odd smell is coming out from vents or a/c system.

Hotspots in your house

When there are hotspots throughout the house. That may be a complete room or spots throughout a room.

How to deal with Emergency HVAC repair problem

In order to reduce the likelihood of an emergency HVAC repair by keeping your home’s HVAC units in good working order, Conejo Valley Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. offers a range of heating and air conditioning services throughout Ventura County and adjacent areas. Our HVAC services include regular and preventive HVAC maintenance, energy-saving additions, HVAC installations, and tune-ups. To deal with the problems in your heater or cooling system on your own, you should:

  • Check your thermostat to make sure the control is all set to cooling or heating and working properly.
  • Check outdoor condensing unit. If it is not working, check your electrical panel in your home.
  • The main power switch on the outdoor unit should be in ON position.
  • Check the blower motor in the furnace is running or not. When the system is set to cool, the blower motor should be running. In case of heat, when the system is set to heating, the motor should be running. If not, check to make sure your indoor unit switch is in the ON position.
  • Your system is not performing or working well.

If you want to know more about our Emergency HVAC repair and services or want to get a free quote, you can call us now at (805) 499-0448. Our team will answer all your queries and offer you the best solutions.

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